I'm Not Sorry

by Jerome

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"I'm Not Sorry" doesn't really fit the Hadopelagia album, lyrically & musically. So I've put it online a few days before I upload Hadopelagia.
I originally wrote it from the perspective of not having to apologize for who I am, to someone who wants to judge me unfairly. The lyrics twist in different ways; it sounds more like it's about a relationship.
Maybe you weren't in the wrong - & it's time to stop over-apologizing.
Whatever it is, while I am proud of writing the song, it doesn't fit with the Hadopelagia concept at this time. So here it is, random cover & everything.
Also included is "Dream Garden", a harpsichord song that, while fitting for the album, sounds too synthesized to me.
"World of Love" is another song I'd recorded as one of the first batch of songs for this project. Listening to it now, it is just too forcefully happy for the Hadopelagia project. I prefer the genuine over the forced. "Being real is better than being nice". I attached it here instead of Hadopelagia.
"Colorless" is produced by Pat Sugrue, a really talented friend. He'd sent me a song he titled colorless because it felt like a "standard, vanilla EDMpop song". It's a song I loved writing to & singing on (more description if you click "about" next to that track), but it did not fit the Hadopelagic vibe I'm in right now. As fun as it is to sing a different style of music, it's a little jarring to put it out at the same time as the lullaby-styled "hadopelagia". I hope you enjoy this facet.
The original version of "Why Do I Love You?" that is included here was before I added instrumentation, removed autotune, & got rid of the bridge. I still like the bridge, so I uploaded this version as well. (the updated version is on the album "ecoLectronica")


released December 28, 2013

Photograph by Yuchen Liao of Liyu Photography. Thank you.

PRODUCED, SUNG, WRITTEN, & RECORDED by Jerome Lee (with the exception of Track 4 "Colorless" produced by Pat Sugrue, Sung & Written by Jerome Lee)



all rights reserved


Jerome Duluth, Minnesota

I sing & create music. I am inspired largely by this precious Planet. --- Web of Life nurture, sooth sway & soothe.

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Track Name: I'm Not Sorry (stripped)
It's not that I don't care
but I'm not sorry I gave you no time
Here's a piece of my mind:
When I told you that I wanted to go

I had to burn it down. There was no reason left to stay.
You never looked me in the face. Now I'm gone, gone.

No more of our excuses.
You tried with all your living to see
to see us for what we were not.

& I'm not sorry that I didn't want to change.
& I'm not sorry that I'll soon forget your name.

It's not me; it's you.

Oh. I didn't ever take that much to heart like you did.
No. I couldn't find a way to explain it is what it is.
& I'm not sorry.

I'm not sorry.
I'm not.

You need me more than I need you.
You need me more than I need you.
& I'm not sorry.
Track Name: World of Love (Bonus)
How many times have I asked myself how it feels to love?
How many words can even explain what I need to know?
I looked in all the wrong places, but now I see a world so real
A love so real

Living in a world of love, world of love, world of love
Living in a world of love, world of love, world of love

I thought I knew what I was searching for til it broke me down
Here's the family, here with you & me, in a world of love
Nobody's perfect, so stop trying.
We strive for kindness over lies. we lose the lies

Living in a world of love
welcome to the world
you will be loved
Living in a world of love
We are all love
Welcome to the world
a world

Living in a world of love

Welcome to a world